(this video contains strong language and questionable themes. Regrettably or unregretfully, the video is also a large part of my teenage zeitgeist. Further regrettably or unregretfully, it inspired the name of this site)

If I’m being completely honest I set up this site to explore the WordPress REST API, which looks promising for all sorts of reasons. You can find any developments at https://new.urawizard.com

However, emergent behaviours can surface with this type of project.

For a variety of long and tedious reasons, I’ve realised that writing software is one of the few things that:

a) Calms me down
b) Keeps me out of trouble
c) Allows me to be at least modestly useful

Therefore, this site acts primarily as a log of interesting things that have happened in projects I’ve worked on, both active and closed out. I’m finding that some people want to know the story of a project and instead of only telling it, I can both tell it and point them here.

Its secondary purpose is to satisfy a yearning to attempt to understand philosophy, both in and out of software development. By way of a disclaimer, it’s entirely likely that any thoughts here will not be entirely my own. They certainly can’t be original. This is as it should be.

Why is it called urawizard.com? It was a funny domain and it came with hosting that costs £1.20 a month from 1&1 Ionos.

Now you know where this is hosted, come at me, haxxors.