Helsuit (base) v0

Call sign: “sleeper-service”. Another first stab:

Software (and some hardware):

OS evaluation – perhaps Android 14 on Rpi 4 or 5?


Cluster management for heterogeneous computing: k8s / docker swarm or similar

Messaging core: MQTT / mosquitto

Initial centralised inter-suit data sharing / message passing: something like UDX (https://www.urbandatacollective.com/)

Certificate generation: ‘self’ certification, X509, ‘everyone is a trusted authority’ (links to call sign generation)

Message format: Smart Data Models / w3c web thing model or similar

Power connectors: stretchy, flexible cords, native USB etc for now – moving towards ‘something that clicks in’ / mag safe? Moving further towards a suit with wireless charging pads in strategic places?

Wireless: WiFi / Bluetooth on RPi 4. Bluetooth / WiFi on samsung device. Bluetooth on Bangle.js. Native wiring for temperature / flex sensors (bluetooth receiver units?)

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