Pokemon Cobol -> day 0

Sitting in Bridge Street Coffee in Chester, UK as a family bereavement takes place, I met a chef who was also a software developer. He mentioned, off hand, Pokemon and then mentioned, off hand, COBOL, that most business oriented of programming languages.

It is not necessarily my business to create a Pokemon Go clone using COBOL as an ASCII art graphics driver, HTTP backend and hopefully a whole bunch of other things that the committee never intended it to be used for.

But also, why not?

This will hopefully be the first in a series of sporadic posts about my journeys into learning COBOL and harnessing its power to create a janky version of the most popular game of 2016.


[at the moment there’s a 302 set up to redirect back here. That will change!]

It shall be FOSS, of course:


I choose you!

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