Tao Helsuit

It’s cold in London tonight: 4c/39.2f [feels like 1c/33.8f]. Imagine if that info was available on-suit?

Since I’m (almost begrudgingly) awake, let’s have a stab at ‘a way’ – as they might say in Sunderland.

Consider the following:

  1. What would the world look like if everyone had a top-o-the-line M2 MacBook Pro strapped not to their faces or heads, but to a non-intrusive part of the human body?
  2. What if screens, cameras and other peripherals were decoupled from compute and were used as an extension of an arm?
  3. What if eight billion computers were networked together in one global mesh, what would the world look like? Would we still need data centres?
  4. What if sitting with friends and loved ones, in close proximity, led to an increase in computation? What problems could we solve together?
  5. What is required to make the above a reality?
  6. What hardware and software is required to get us as close to that reality, as close to today as possible?
  7. What is the simplest ‘no-interface’ to such a system?

That’s Helsuit.

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